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    India's first Paid Crowd-Sourced service.

    Driving Directions, Maps, Live Deals™, Events ,Money and more....
    Come join us and create a buzz in the country.

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    A Complete Location Based Solution
    for an Indian Family!

    Whether you drive, run or walk.
    We have got you covered.

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    Marketing and promotions

    Have a business, need customers?
    Register with us and get noticed!

A complete Location Based Solution, specially crafted for you.

It's the route that matters...

On the Go

| Navigation | Maps | Driving Directions |
| Real Time Traffic updates | On Road Events |

Get navigation maps, driving directions, real time traffic updates and latest events On the Go. Make Raasta a part of your life and get all of this and much more at your disposal everyday.
Raasta is a one stop solution that puts you in control of your life!

Deals n Offers

| Live Deals™ | Everyday Offers | Weekly Discounts |
| Nearby Discounts n Offers |

Grab special discounts, best daily/weekly deals and offers on wide range of products and services in your vicinity.
At a new place ? Raasta will get you nearby discounts on just one click. Customise offers, Live Deals™ or discounts based on your preferences.
Your Life Your Discounts!

My Zone

| Personalised Routes | Customised Calendar | Save Money |
| Social Integration | Use n Earn |

Keep a record of your daily routes and get traffic updates when you actually need them.
Save appointments in your personalised calendar and get informed of your travel times, when it matters. Explore an easy way to Save and Earn Money on-line / off line.
Save time n earn money!

Business Buzz

| Find Businesses Nearby | List Business |
| Advertise with Us | Run Promotions |

Go Pan India! Raasta provides you a platform to list, advertise and promote your business for free.
Provide discounts or run promotions to convert clicks into sales.Learn more from your customers, get real sale analytic.
Create a Buzz! Take your Business to next level.


| Share | Explore | Read |
| Learn | Raasta Blog |

Explore and Share your experiences on the go. Raasta Community is a place to hangout with your mates share something that you like.
Learn about traffic rules and regulations. Like discounts, start new conversations, share your opinion and be a part of Raasta Family.
Show that you care for your community: Sharing is Caring!

Mobile App

| Android | iPhone | BlackBerry |
| Windows 8 | Mobile Browser |

Raasta App is a one stop solution for your daily driving needs. A platform independent application that has been specially designed and crafted keeping an Indian user in mind .
We have got majority of you covered on your phones. So just relax and leave it to Raasta to drive you on
the Route that matters !

Want to earn while you contribute ? Download our mobile app and earn money while you enjoy using Raasta.

about Raasta

Raasta has been designed to be a complete location based solution.

What is Raasta?

Raasta is a perfect companion, which saves time and money while you are on move. The tag line “the route that matters” perfectly describes the services delivered by Raasta- Real Time Traffic Updates, Driving Directions, Live Deals™ and Money.

We feel that these are the basic services that matters to any human being on the go, be it in a vehicle or on road. Raasta is a service by the people, of the people and for the people that contributes back to the society to which it belongs. Stating this, we are first of its kind, paid crowd-sourced service in the country. We like to follow sharing is caring philosophy, whereby we care for our customers by sharing a part of our earnings with our loyal customers. This initiative of ours also makes us the first crowd sourced company that pays its own crowd. Raasta has a perfect niche of its own. Based on Free-mium model we have some exclusive services for our premium customers like Re-route on the go, personalised calendar syncing, favourite routes, earn money, shopping and more. We pride ourselves on having one of the finest crowd sourced based maps built using opens street maps, ground up. Our web mapping logics and real time traffic have been built on world renowned SMART technology from New Zealand. We have started from Delhi-NCR region and intend to go PAN India, soon. So keep watching this space when we add new cities throughout India.

We promise to keep bringing to you, all the latest information, deals , discounts, traffic updates , local events, so as to get you on the route that mattes…

Key Features

Live Deals™
Use n Earn Money
Feed n Earn Money
Contribute n Earn Money
Re-Route on the Go
Customised Routes
Personalised Calendar

Use Raasta in four easy steps

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Navigate with raasta

Find out what makes us a perfect navigation solution for your family.

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Get Deals on the go

Like to roam around? Enjoy great discounts and offers near you while on the go.

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Earn Money at home or on the move

Still wondering how to earn money with Raasta?

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Go Shopping- Coming soon...

Earn money using or contributing to Raasta , use it to shop with Raasta and partners.

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